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Welcome to CarryMeBags

About Us: How we came into existence 

who we are? About Us In 2014, we laid the foundation of “Tergus India” and started to work on how to get the most trendy leather fashion bags for our brand “CarryMeBags” with the goal of answering this question: “Is it possible to buy Full Grain Leather bags without mortgaging your car or your home?” A few years back there was no real answer. Our mission is to change that by providing fashionable Eco-Friendly leather bags at prices up to 60% less than our competition. These prices are close to what the leading brands wholesale would be. This is because we are creating a marketplace for local vendors from all over the world to sell their genuine leather goods at affordable prices through The leather travel bags are the perfect choice of luggage for individuals who would want a convenient bag that combined style and durability.

How are your prices so much better than the competition?

People nowadays assume that if the prices of leather products are cheap, the quality would be cheaper, only whereas people have no idea that there are small leather crafters around the world who craft some of the finest leather products in the world, but do not know how to market their products globally. CarryMeBags is one whose initiative is to bring these small artists pieces to the world and give them the praise they deserve.


About Us, Our Premium leather goods at CarryMeBags brand is made up of 100% pure full-grain leather and we feel proud to say that we supply Eco-friendly, sustainable products to the society which are long-lasting in honest price.