CarryMeBags trace to the indomitable soul of our small team of lovers of leather accessories and goods. We strive to create luxury products that will last for years, and we channel this passion through leather bags that are made with quality materials and are aesthetically good looking when you carry one of them on your side with you on your journeys.

We strive to do good, to be kind and compassionate. At first glance, you see leather, but we procure this much loved material through ethical means. The measures that we undertake are environment friendly and sustainable.

It is benevolence in action, not only for today but also for tomorrow. We know what the environment and society expect from us, both as craftspeople and merchandisers, and we will not disappoint through our Collectible quality leather bags.

Check out our line of Duffle Bags They are sourced from buffalo hide and beautifully handcrafted by Indian artisans. If you are very organized by nature, its 4 card slots, 3 pen loops and a mobile slot will delight you. Its natural marbling sports a chic design and it will be turning heads when you carry it around town and when you travel.

Its ample interior and organizational design gives you the functionality you need on your quick escapades to relax. You will also discover that this excellent leather travel bag will serve you well on your sudden business trips. We have linkages with organizations within India to make sure that the talented artisans there will always be provided with livelihood.

Here comes our Insignia Duffle Bags which are just as beautiful and efficient too. They also have multiple pockets for your benefit. 2 zip pockets on the outer part, 1 zip pocket inside, 2 shoe pockets, and a surprising space for your laptop too. They’re also creations of Indian craftsmen who depend on people like you and us to sell their beautiful leather travel bags sourced from buffalo hide.

Carry them around and people will be throwing glances at them too, wishing that they might have the chance to ask you where you bought them.